Karnataka State Bar Council
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53. Elections to first State Bar Council
    Not with standing anything contained in this Act, the elected members of a State Bar Council, constituted for the first time under this Act, shall be elected by and from amongst advocates, vakils, pleaders and attorneys who on the date of the election are entitled as of right to practise in the High Court and are ordinarily practising within the territory for which the Bar Council is to be constituted.

    Explanation: Where the territory for which the Bar Council is to be constituted includes a Union territory, the expression "High Court" shall include the court of the Judicial Commissioner of that Union territory.
54. Term of office of members of first 1[ * * *] State Bar Council
    Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the term of office of the 2[* * *] elected members of 1[* * *] a State Bar Council constituted for the first time, shall be two years from the date of the first meeting of the Council :

    3[PROVIDED that such members shall continue to hold office until the State Bar Council is reconstituted in accordance with the provisions of this Act.]

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