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      (ii) the mark 'X' is set opposite the name of more than one candidate or is so placed as to render it doubtful to which candidate it is intended to apply, or

      (iii) the mark 'X' and any other mark or figures are set opposite the name of the same candidate, or

      (iv) there is any mark in writing by which the voter can be identified.

      (v) The Secretary shall count the valid votes immediately after the close of the voting.

    The member securing the largest number of votes shall be declared elected. In the case of two or more members securing an equal number of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall decide the election by drawing lots.

    (2) The Chairman or the Vice-Chairman shall hold office for a period of two years, or until his term of office as Member of the Bar Council of India ceases whichever is earlier.

    (3) The Chairman or the Vice-Chairman may resign his office by letter addressed to the Secretary of the Council. Such resignation shall take effect from the date of the acceptance thereof by the council from such other date as the Council may fix :

    PROVIDED in the eventuality of mid-term poll of the office of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, the term shall be of the residuary term.

    13. If the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman ceases to be a member of the Council for any reason, the vacancy shall be filled up by election as far as possible at the next meeting of the Council.

    14. The result of the election of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman shall be sent forthwith to the Gazette of India for publication.
D. Powers and duties of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman
    15. Save as otherwise provided in these rules, and subject to the resolutions of the Council, the Chairman shall exercise general control and supervi!"10" over the affairs of the Council.

    16. He shall preside over the deliberations of the Council and of all Committees of which he is a member.

    17. Save as otherwise decided at a meeting of the Councils of the Committee, as the case may be, he shall cause the meetings of the Councilor the Committee convened at such time as he may fix. He shall also settle the items for agenda for the meetings of the Council.

    18. He shall have power to pass interim orders in revisional and other matters arising out of the supervisory jurisdiction of the Council.

    19. He shall have power to punish any employee of the Council by way of censure of reprimand and may initiate proceedings for suspension, removal or dismissal.

    20. He shall be the authority to sanction the disbursement of salaries of the staff and to order payment of any bills outstanding against the Council.

    21. The Vice-Chairman shall exercise all the powers and discharge all the functions of the Chairman in his absence and under his direction.

    22. "On a motion of 'No confidence' being passed by Bar Council of India by a Resolution passed by majority of not less than 3/ 4th of the members present and voting and such majority passing 'No confidence motion' is more than 2/3rd of the total number of Members constituting the Bar Council for the time being, the Chairman or

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