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      (Q) to provide for proper annual inspection of the office and its registers;

      (k) to authorise the Secretary to incur expenditure within prescribed limits;

      (1) to fix travelling and other allowances to members of the committees of Council, and to members of the staff;

      (m) to delegate to the Chairman and/or the Vice-Chairman any of its aforementioned powers;

      (n) to do all other things necessary for discharging the aforesaid functions.

The Legal Education Committee
    6. (1) The procedure for the election of the Members of the Legal Education Committee shall be by secret ballot, and in accordance wjth the rules in so far as they are applicable, laid down in Rule 12, Chapter I Part II.

    (2) The names of the remaining five members of the Committee to be co-opted shall be proposed and seconded by the members of the Council. In case more than five persons are proposed they shall be chosen by a show of hands. If there is equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

    7. A casual vacancy in the Committee shall be filled in by the Council from amongst its members or non-members as the case may be, in the manner specified in Rule 6 above.

    8. The Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

      (a) to make its recommendations to the Council for laying down the standards of legal education for the Universities;

      (b) to visit and inspect Universities and report the results to the Council;

    9. (4) In case of the absence of a Bar Council of India's Member during the sitting of the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council of India the remaining two Members of the said Committee m~y request any available Bar Council of India.

    Member to fill the vacancy caused by such absence and in case of the absence of a co-opted member of a D.C of the Bar Council of India, the other two members may make similar request to any other available co-opted member of a D.C of the Bar Council of India and the Committee so constituted shall be deemed to be a Committee constituted under this rule for the purpose of that meeting and shall have all the powers of a D.C of the Bar Council of India.

    10. For the purpose of determining the senior most member of a Disciplinary Committee under Section 9 of the Advocates Act, 1961 the seniority:

      (i) of a senior Advocate, and

      (ii) of an Advocate of the Supreme Court enrolled before 1-12-1961, shall be determined in accordance with the date of his enrollment under the Bar Councils Act, 1926.

    11. Election of Representatives: The procedure for electing its representative to the Press Council of India under the Press Council Act, 1965, or for electing any other representative or representatives by or from amongst it members to any other statutory body by virtue of any special power conferred under any other enactment or for any other election by the Council provided that any member so requires, shall be in accordance with the same procedure and shall in so far as it may be applicable, be as laid down in Rule 12, Chapter I, Part II.

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