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      4. The Councilor a State Council can call upon an Advocate to furnish the name of the State Council on the roll of which his name is entered, and call for other particulars.
       5. (1) An Advocate who voluntarily suspends his practice for any reason whatsoever, shall intimate by registered post to the State Bar Council on the rolls of which his name is entered, of such suspension together with his certificate of enrolment in original.
      (2) Whenever any such Advocate who has suspended his practice desires to resume his practice, he shall apply to the Secretary of the State Bar Council forresumption of practice, along with an affidavit stating whether he has incurred any of the disqualifications under Section 24A, Chapter III of the Act the period of suspension.
      (3) The Enrolment Committee of the State Bar Council may order the resumption of his practice and return the certificate to him with necessary endorsement. If the Enrolment Committee is of the view that the Advocate has incurred any of the disqualifications the Committee shall refer the matter under proviso to Section 26(1) of the Act.
      (4) On suspension and resumption of practice the Secretary shall attain terms of Rule 24 of Part IX.
      6. An Advocate whose name has been removed by order of the Supreme Court or a High Court or the Bar Council as the case may be, shall not be entitled to practice the profession of law either before the Court and authorities mentioned under Section 30 of the Act, or in chambers, or otherwise.
      An Advocate who is under suspension, shall be under the same disability one in which he held office.
       7. An officer after his retirement or otherwise ceasing to be in service shall not practice for a period of 2 years in the area in which he exercised jurisdiction for a period of 3 years before his retirement of otherwise ceasing to be in service.
       Explanation: 'Officer' shall include a Judicial Officer, Additional Judge of the High Court and Presiding Officer or Member of the Tribunal or authority or such other Officer or authority as referred to in Section 30 of the Act.
       " Area" shall mean area in which the person concerned exercising jurisdiction.
      8. No Advocate shall be entitled to practice if in the opinion of the Council he is suffering from such contagious disease as makes the practice of law a hazard to the health of others. This disqualification shall last for such period as the Council directs from time to time.

(Rules under Section 49(1)(gg) of the Act)

      Advocates appearing in the Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts, Tribunals or Authoritjes shall wear the following as part of their dress which shall be sober and dignified:
       I. Advocates l[x x x]
          (a) a black buttoned up coat, chapkan, achkan, blacksherwani and white bands with Advocates' Gowns, or

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