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The Karnataka Advocates Welfare Fund Act,1983 Arrangement of Section
Section TOPIC
1 Short title and commencement.
2 Definitions
3 Advocates' welfare fund
4 Establishment of trustee committee
5 Disqualification and removal of nominated members of trustee committee
6 Resignation by nominated members of trustee committee and filling up of casual vacancies
7 Act of trustee committee not to be invalidated by vacancy, defect, etc
8 Vesting and application of Fund
9 Function of trustee committee
10 Borrowing and investment
11 Powers and duties of Secretary
12 Omitted
13 Recognition and registration of bar associations
14 Duties of bar .associations
15 Membership in the Fund
16 Payment from the Fund on cessation of practice
17 Restriction on alienation, attachment, etc., of interest in the Fund
18 Group Life Insurance for members and other benefits
19 Meetings of trustee committee
20 Traveling and daily allowance to members of trustee committee
21 Appeal against decisions of trustee committee
22 Printing and distribution of stamps by Bar Council
23 Vakalath to bear stamps
23 A Contribution by Senior Advocate
24 Protection of action taken in good faith
25 Bar of jurisdiction of civil courts
26 Power to summon witnesses and take evidence
26 A The Advocates' Family Welfare Fund
27 Registered Clerks Welfare Fund
28 Power to make rules
29 Amendment of Act 16 of 1958

Online Payment of Advocate's Welfare Fund
Example: KAR/No./Year