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[(4) Every member shall pay a fee of rupees five hundred within one month next after the completion of every five years from the date of his becoming member of the fund failing which he shall be deemed to have voluntarily suspended his practice for the purpose of this Act:

Provided that a member may pay such fee within three months from the expiry of the period specified above along with apenalty of fifty rupees per month and if he files such declaration along with the penalty it shall not be construed as deemed suspension:

Provided further that a member who on the date of commencement of the Amendment Act, 2004 has completed five years of practice after becoming a member shall pay such fee within six months from the date of such commencement.

(5) If a member fails to pay the fee within the time allowed under sub-section (4) the period of each year till he pays the fee including the year in which he pays the fee shall be treated as period of deemed suspension of practice for the purpose of this Act.

(6) For every year of deemed suspension under sub-section (4) an amount of rupees three thousand per annum shall be deducted from out of the amount payable under sub­-section ( 1) of section 16\..]

16. Payment from the Fund on cessation of practice-2A member shall on cessation of practice arising out of voluntary retirement due to old age, be entitled to receive from out of the fund, an amount at the rate of 3[rupees three thousand]3 for every completed year of practice, subject to a maximum of 3[rupees one lakh fifty thousand.]3]2

1 [Provided that where an Advocate has become member on or after the First day of August 2000 and has attained the age of sixty years on the date of such admission a

amount at the rate of rupees three thousand for every completed year of practice subjec to a maximum of rupees fifty thousand shall be payable to the member in the event 0 cessation of practice due to reason other than death and to his nominee or where ther

is no nominee to his legal heirs, if the cessation of practice is due to death:

Provided further that if an Advocate who had become member prior to the Second day of April, 1997 has not paid the balance admission fee as required under the second provison to sub-section (1) of section 15 and has not been readmitted to the fund after such date, an amount at the rate of rupees one thousand for every completed year of

inserted bv !\ ot 15 of 200;)w.e ! 1.6.20G5./'

Substi'.utC (j bv /\0\ 21 1993w.oJ 02.04.1897./

:3 Substitut (?(j by Act 1 H of 200:;' w.el " 15.04:21J05. /'

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