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28. (1) The Registrar shall issue notice to the State Council concerned for the complete records to be sent to the Council.

(2) The Registrar of the State Council concerned shall send along with the records a list containing particulars under the following columns, and comply with such other directions as may be issued.

Serial No. of Document Date of Document Description of Document

D. Application for Stay, and other matters

29. (1) An application for stay made under Section 40, sub-section (1) or (2) of the Act shall be accompanied by an affidavit and the fees, if any prescribed by the rules of the Council made under section 19(h) of the Act. Where the affidavit is not in English, a translation there of in English shall be filed. The applicant shall file with his application at least five copies of the application, and the affidavit and as many additional copies there of as there are respondents. Where the application is not in English five copies with translation there of in English shall also be filed.

In every application for stay made to the Council, the applicant shall state if any application has been made to the State Council, and the orders there on.

(2) Before a matter is allotted to a Disciplinary Committee under Rule 22 above, the Register may obtain orders on applications for intering stay or other urgent appli­cations from the Chairman of any of the Disciplinary Committees.

The orders passed under this sub-rule shall be communicated to the parties and to the Secretary of the Bar Council concerned.

30. After allotment of a case under Rule 22 in this Chapter to a Disciplinary Committee, the Register may obtain its orders on any matter of an emergent nature arising there in, by circulation.

30A. The Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council of India shall exercise all the powers exercised by the Civil Court or Court of Appeal under c.P.c.

31. The order of the Disciplinary Committee disposing of an appeal shall be communicated to the parties. The date on which the said order is first received in the office of the Council after it has been signed by all the members there of.

E. Rules applicable to all proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee of the State Bar Councils and the Bar Council of India

32. The Rules in this Chapter so far as may be shall apply to all proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee of State Bar Councils or of the Bar Council of India. Proceedings to be in camera.

33. All the proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee shall be held in camera.
Inspection of records and copies

34. (1) Save as otherwise directed by the Disciplinary Committee of the Chairman there of, inspection of any of the records in any proceeding before the Disciplinary Committee may be permitted to the parties or their Advocates on presentation of an application duly signed by the applicant or his Advocate and on payment of the prescribed fee on any working day except during the summer or other vacations of the Supreme Court

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