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(iii) voluntary retirement due to old age ;]1
2[(1)Chairman" means the chairman of the Trustee Committee]
2(e) "dependents" means wife, husband, father, mother and 3[minor]3Chiidren or such of them as are alive;
(f) "Fund" means the Advocates Welfare Fund constituted under section 3;
4[(ff) interlocutory application includes all applications filed before any Court, Tribunal or Authority in respect of any pending or disposed of case or proceeding]
5[(g) "member" means member of the fund;
(ga) "permanent disability" means disability which renders an advocate totally incapable from practising as such. A certificate to that effect by such authority, as may be prescribed, shall be produced;] 5
(h) "prescribed" means prescribed by the Bar Council by rules made under this Act;
(i) "retirement" means stoppage of practice as an advocate communicated to and recorded by the 6[Bar Council and the trustee committee;] 6
"registered clerk" means a person who is registered as a recognized clerk or gumasta of an advocate or a pleader in connection with any rules passed by the High Court of Karnataka under Article 225 of the Constitution of India and section 54 of the State Re-organization Act, 1956 or under section 122 of the Code of Civil Procedure or any other law.
(k) "stamp" means the stamp printed and distributed under section 22;
(I) "State" means the State of Kamataka;
(m) "suspension of practice" means voluntary suspension of practice as an advocate or suspension by the Bar Council for misconduct; 7[and includes deemed voluntary suspension of practice referred to in 8[sub-section (4) of section 15 or sub-section (3) of section 23A]8]7
n) "trustee committee" means the committee established under section 4;

1..Substituted by Act 21 of 1993 weJ 02.04.1997.
2.inseted by Act 18 of 2002 wef 15.04.2005.
3 ~;UbE[!tuted by Actio of 2002 wef '15.04.2005
4 inserted rJY Act 15 of 2005 weJ 1.6.2005."
5 Substituted by Ad 21 of 1993 we.f 2.4 1997
6 Substituted by f\ct 21 of 1993 wef. 02.04. 1997
7 ~~lIb;stituted bl' Jlct18 of 2002 w.e f 15.04.2005.
8 Substituted by Ac.t 1 fi of 200S we.f 1.6.2005

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