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(0) "vakalath " means vakalathnama and includes memorandum of appearance or any other document by which an advocate is empowered to appear or plead before any court, tribunal or other authority.

3.Advocates' Welfare Fund (1) The State Government shall constitute a fund called the Karnataka Advocates' Welfare Fund for the payment of retirement 1[and other benefits to the advocates and their dependents, in the State.]1

(2)There shall be credited to the Fund,­

2[(a xxxF

(b) any 2[ xxxF contribution made by the Bar Council;

(c) any voluntary donation or contribution made to the Fund by the Bar Council of India, any bar association, any other association or institution, any advocate or any other

person; ­

(d) any grant made by the State Government to the Fund;

(e) the amounts set apart from the Legal Benefit Fund constituted under section 76A of the Karnataka Court Fees and Suits Valuation Act, 1958 (Karnataka Act 16.of 1958),

for providing social security measures for the legal profession;

(f) any sum borrowed under section 10;

(g) all sums received from the Life Insurance Corporation of India on the death of an

advocate under the group insurance policy;

(h) any profit or dividend received from the Life Insurance Corporation of India in respect of policies of Group Insurance of the members of the Fund;

(i) any interest or dividend or other return on any investment made of any part of the Fund;

(j) all sums collected by way of sale of welfare fund stamps under section 22;

1 [(k) amounts collected under section 15 by way of admission fee.]1

(3) The sums specified in sub-section (2), shall be paid to, or collected by, such agencies, at such intervals and in such manner, and the accounts of the Fund shall be maintained and operated in such manner, as may be prescribed.

4.Establishment of trustee committee.- (1) The State Government may, by notification, establish with effect from such date as may be specified there in a committee to be called the Karnataka Advocates' Welfare Fund Trustee Committee.

1. Substituted by Act 21 of1 993 w.eJ 02.04.1997

2.:Omitted by Act 21 of 1993 w.e .! 02.04 1997

1 Substituted by Act 21 of 1993 w.e.f.02.04.1997

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