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(2) The trustee committee shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire and hold property and shall, by the said name, sue and be sued.

(3) The trustee committee shall consists of ,­


[(a) The Chairman of the Bar Council who shall be the chairman of the Trustee


(aa) The Advocate General of Kamataka who shall be a member-.

(b)The Secretary, Department of Law, Government of Karnataka who shall be a Member Ex-officio.]

(c) two members nominated by the State Government;

(d) 2[three]2 members of the Bar Council nominated by it;

1[(e) the Vice-Chairman of the Bar Council, who shall be the Treasurer of the trustee committee, ex- offlcio ;]1and

(f) the Secretary of the Bar Council, who shall be the Secretary of the trustee committee, ex-officio;

(4) A member nominated by the State Government under clause (c) of sub-section

(3), shall hold office for a term of 1P years.

(5) A member nominated by the Bar Council under clause (d) of sub-section (3),shall

hold office for a term of 1 years or for the duration of his membership in the Bar

Council,whichever is less'. .

5. Disqualification and removal of nominated members of trustee

committee.- (1) A member nominated under clause (c) or clause (d) of sub-section (3) of section 4, shall be disqualified to be a member of the trustee committee, if he,.

(a) becomes of unsound mind; or

(b) is adjudged an insolvent; or

(c) is absent without leave of the trustee committee,. for more than three

consecutive meetings thereof; or

2[(d) has committed breach of trust; or ]2

1. Substituted by A.ct 18 of 2002 w.eJ. 15.04.2005

2. Substituted by Act 21 of 1993 w.ef.0204.1997

1. Substituted by !'.ct 18 of 2002 weJ , 15.042005.

2.Substituted bv"Gt 21 of 1~~93 w.e f 02.041997

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