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13. Recognition and registration of bar associations.-(1) All associations of advocates known by any name functioning in any court centre may, before a date to be notified by the Bar Council in this behalf, apply to the Bar Council in such form as may be prescribed for recognition and registration.

(2). Every application for recognition and registration shall be accompanied by the rules or bye-laws of the association, names and addresses of the office bearers of the association and with an upto date list of the members of the association showing the name, address, age, date of enrolment and the ordinary place of practice of each member.

(3) The Bar Council may, after such enquiry as it deems necessary, recognize the bar association and issue a certificate of registration in such form as may be prescribed.

(4) The decision of the Bar Council regarding the recognition and registration of the bar association shall be final.

(5) Subject to such rules and conditions as may be prescribed by the Government every registered bar-association may be paid grants by the Government every year.

14. Duties of bar associations.-(1) Every bar association shall, on or before the 30th April of every year, intimate to the Bar Council a list of its members as on the 31 st March of that year.

(2) Every bar association shall intimate to the Bar Council,­

(a) any change of the office bearers of the association within fifteen days from such change;

(b) any change in the membership including admission or re-admission within thirty days of such change;

(c) the death, retirement or voluntary suspension of practice of any of its members within thirty days from the date of occurrence there of; and

(d) such other matter as may be required by the Bar Councilor the Government from time to time.

1[15.Membership of the Fund.- 1[(1) Every Advocate on the roll of the Karnataka State Bar Council practicing in the State of Karnataka shall be a member of the Fund and shall file a declaration in such form as may be prescribed along with an admission fee of rupees two thousand within one month,-­

Omitted by Act 2': of1 G9:3 wer . 02.04.1987'

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