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(3) All amounts due and payable under this Act and all expenditure relating to the management and administration of the Fund 1[and all expenditure relating to supply of Welfare Fund stamps]1 shall be paid out of the Fund.

(4) The accounts of the trustee committee shall be audited annually by a chartered accountant appointed by the Bar Council.

(5) The accounts of the trustee committee, as certified by the auditor, together with the audit reports there on, shall be forwarded to the Bar Council by the trustee committee and the Bar Council may issue such directions as it deems fit to the trustee committee in respect there of.

(6) The trustee committee shall comply with the directions issued by the Bar Council

under sub-section (5).

11. Powers and duties of Secretary The Secretary of the trustee committee shall,­

(a) be the chief executive authority of the trustee committee and be responsible for carrying out its decisions;

(b) represent the trustee committee in all suits and proceedings for and against it;

(c) authenticate by his signature all decisions and instructions of the trustee committee;

(d) operate the bank accounts of the trustee committee jointly with the 2[Chairman]2

(e) convene meetings of the trustee committee and prepare its minutes;

(f) attend the meetings of the trustee committee with all the necessary records and information;

(g) maintain such forms, registers and other records as may be prescribed from time to time and do all correspondence relating to the trustee committee;

(h) inspect and verify periodically the accounts and registers of the Bar Associations regarding stamps;

(i) prepare an annual statement of business transacted by the trustee committee during each financial year; and

(j) do such other acts as may be directed by the trustee committee.

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