Legal Practitioners Act, 1879 came into force with effect from 1st January, 1880. A Person who is qualified to be pleader / vakil / muktas has to appear for examination and after obtaining the certificate he / she may apply under Sec. 7 of the Legal Practitioners Act and Register their name in any Court or Revenue Office situated within the local limits of the Appellate Jurisdiction of the High Court. As Per Sec. 11 of this Act, the High Court may frame the rules declaring what shall be deemed to be the functions, powers and duties of pleaders / vakils / muktas.   More......


As on 30th June, 2006, 57,550 have enrolled as Advocates in this Bar Council. Nearly 1050 cases were disposed by this Bar Council. Nearly 1050 cases were disposed by this Bar Council within a span of 6 years i.e., from 2000 onwards. So far this Bar Council has provided financial assistance of Rs. 4,66,27.750 to the members of the breaved family in respect of 976 claims and Rs. 27,01,170/- towards medical assistance in respect of 825 claims from the State Welfare Fund.   More......

Advocate Welfare Fund

Though the profession of Lawyers has a known recorded history of more than 300 years, there was no scheme of pension, welfare fund or retirement benefits. Lawyers have remained a most unorganized sector . Probably except individual LIC polices there was no other plan savings for the family. Even otherwise not even 10% of lawyers are found to have made wise investments during their good periods. It was so because all along the lawyers came from traditional agricultural families and the professional income was only additional.   More......

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